Maria Popova's Definitive List of Reasons Why She Would Neh-eh-EVER Work at TED

01. I'd become a cliche.

02. I'd have no time left to re-watch every TED talk available. Thrice.

03. I'd be among change agents. Everyone knows those people are no good.

04. I'll no longer be the only kid on the block with a TED ringtone.

05. I'd have to stop writing about cultural change and actually participate. It's a scientific fact that things are better from the sidelines.

06. I'd help engage and inspire young people to act. And young people should clearly stay put.

07. I'd become a success. This would break my mother's heart.

08. I'd see the future before everyone else does. People have been burned at the stake for this.

09. I'd have less time to spend on ill-willed, self-serving and purposeless copyright violation.

10. I'd have to stop spreading viral buzz to help major marketers move more product and start spreading ideas that move far less consequential things like minds.

11. The pursuit of happiness would end for me.

===> Really?

Inspired by Greg Rutter